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Thursday, September 09, 2004
Another semi-easy day at U-M. Had another great class this morning (to go hand-in-hand with the NA562 last evening) about shipping economics...NA580 The gravy with these two courses is that I already have the primary textbooks. Whooopee!
The rest of the day has been fun, too. After lunch at home I hopped on the T2k and rode down to Central Campus to check out FestiFall and sign up for a ton of clubs' email lists and get fliers regarding mass meetings. Would you believe (I suppose I would, too, if I had gone to a bigger UG school) that there is a ski club AND a ski team, a cycling club, a waterski club and a waterski team, an outdoor club, a paddling club, and an adventure travel club? I mean seriously a little bit more overlap would almost be a good thing. As much fun as it sounds to join all the organizations, it's madness to think that I can pony up the time and funds to participate in all of these things. I bet that if I started the EveryClub club to visit each other club's event once a year, it'd be a big hit.
Other news today that could have an impact on my future. Michigan Business School is no more - with a gift of $100,000,000 it has now transformed itself into the Stephen Ross School of Business. I'm all about the big gifts and stuff, but I do kind of like the straight-up old-schoolness of "Michigan Business School." Either way, you have to get in before it matters all that much.
Finally today, an image taken by Jenelle from the passenger window of the Jimmy as we rolled southward on Monday. Happy Labor Day, so long U.P., hoooooray ships!
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