b 4.0
Friday, September 24, 2004
After a ThursDAY that should have been more productive, I had a ThursNIGHT that was pretty fun. After IOE441 I bussed it down to the MHL for a little student section barbeque. That didn't last too long, so I headed home and then out on about a 10 mile ride around Gallup Park and up to the Survival Flight helipad to see what I could see. Not much was going on, so I went back to HQ, had a dip in the pool, and trucked up to the office. From there, I zipped south and then east to DTW to collect Anthony, then we went to the Diamondback Saloon to meet up with a pretty good sized group of NAME-ees. We had some wings, caught up on the doings in our lives and stuff, and mingled with the assembled Michigan crowd. Pretty fun introduction to the department's social scene.

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