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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
ADD is setting in - yet another gorgeous afternoon in Ann Arbor. Inside the NAME building on North Campus we've been all about ships and shipping, about design for production and forecasting the need for ships and inventory to build them. Heady times, perhaps, but I just wanna go out-siiiiiiii-de!
Nice night last night; had a pleasant meal on the patio at Clara's and then put together some more furniture from this weekend's foray.
Decision 2004 is starting to make me highly irritable. I keep watching This Land to try and keep my spirits up, but I was watching the news last night and have been reading editorials in the Michigan Daily most lunch hours and I am going to level - I could get a job abroad. People are so wrapped up in "issues" that nobody has stopped to point out to both sides of this thing that many of the issues should not, nay CAN NOT, be issues at all due to their Constitutional irrelevance under our current system. If you want to ban gay marriage or stem cell research or abortion, shouldn't an overthrow of the government be a necessary step?
On a related note, I have gained some closure from, of all places, the Daily Press. Upon reading yesterday's Nalgene abomination and with some help from an alert reader, I discovered what is happening to the fabric of our land: it's being deteriorated by the chemicals leaching from these all-popular containers. As said alert reader quipped, didn't the Romans have a similar problem with their trendy new water-transporting device, aka lead pipe?
I'm spent.

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