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Monday, August 02, 2004
A whirlwind wedding weekend to cap this summer's social calendar has been and gone. It started with a celeb-sighting that tries to match those recorded recently in this forum but falls short; I saw Maura Tierney, E.R.'s Abby, on my DCA-LGA shuttle. From there it was a seemingly frivolous 27 hours on the ground on Long Island for Jackie & Drew's big day, with ceremony, reception, beach party at Webb, and morning with the Comptons - all funded by US Airways thanks to a bump I took after Karyn & Rob's big day. Then last night another return, this one delayed by computers (CNN coverage) until the early hours of today. There's also a largely-ignored breach of civil liberties in my mind because of this weekend's travel, that of the cabin movement restriction in all airspace with 30 minutes of Reagan National, but that'll be a beef for another day. This day started with good news from Drew & Kim, who found a steal in the Indian Beach part of town and are now fast-tracked towards a life of home-ownership and financial independence. Congratulations all around!

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