b 4.0
Wednesday, August 18, 2004
There's a funny state of mind that you get into on the bicycle, a near-vacuum of thought and emotion. Last night's 24.31 average was completed without ever entering that zone, though. In my head I was thinking that just over a year ago I was getting back into the ride, having overcome a "where were you when" moment. Then I got to thinking about Hurricane Charley and realized that in my head there's a distinction between the tragedies we bring upon ourselves and those delivered by the environment we live in. Somehow the disaster of the hurricane seems smaller than the loss of Columbia because it was out of our hands.

After the ride, home for more Olympics and a tiny bit of packing and prep for the ever-closing moving date. Caught the very notable 4x200 freestyle relay, too, which has to be the most exciting event so far. Klete Keller is the man, and that's what the games are all about; let the so-called little guys stand up to the folks with nicknames.

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