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Friday, August 27, 2004
Must everything be commercial? There's a headline on blogger.com about how to make money with your blog. They must be in cahoots with the State of Florida Road 417 Commission that charges $2.75 (each way) to get from I-4 to MCO. Capitalism is the means, not the end, people!
Yesterday was a blur of working and cleaning and packing and JBL ordering and driving and laughing. Highlight: "Are you OK? Can we have the frog?!" Then, up until almost 2 packing the Penske - two hands multiplied by two people make for lighter work.
Last day at MPYD today. Goodbye Stripeout, goodbye Eames chairs, goodbye plotter, goodbye phones, goodbye payroll tax deposit, goodbye boat show, goodbye webmaster, goodbye lunches around the reference table, goodbye downtown Sarasota, goodbye Palm Avenue, goodbye cars, goodbye Segways. Goodnight boats, goodnight folks.
Hello, Michigan.

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