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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Boooooooooooo YAH! In a flash, I'm funded. The old-fashioned way; not paid-for, not financed, but funded. There's an interesting feasibility study being verified by the University for the Navy regarding contingency-producible corvettes for the "navy-after-next" and now I'm a part of it. Should be a strong addition to my CV and good exposure to the world of lean manufacturing and first-tier production in second-tier facilities. Business schools please form a line to the left. No pushing. Now Serving: 1. We apologize for the delay. Visit our website. Heavy call volume. You are important to us.

NBC has gone unmentioned long enough in this blog. Time to sling some mud, so stand back. The Olympics are about competition...people winning, people losing, people with stupid grins and pure agony on their faces. Last night I tuned in and saw "Olympic Moments" and the gymnastics night of champions or some such thing. No winners, no thrill of competition, nothing. So listen up, Dick Ebersol & Co: the Olympics, the Games of the 28th Olympiad, are just that! GAMES! It's not the "Sad Stories and Remarkable Showmanship of the the 28th Olympiad," so let's watch some sports. Show all the countries, show more of the action.

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