b 4.0
Wednesday, August 04, 2004
And I'm back in the saddle again. After a two week hiatus and on a very windy evening in between (and just in front of) rainshowers, my 22.70 mph average seemed pretty decent. Went down to Sarasota Schwinn Cyclery at lunch today, too, to get some tuning and ride-position advice after some, uh, saddle-related discomfort and the way south last night. It is nice to just get helpful, nonjudgmental, free advice from smart, amiable folks. In your eye, BnJ! Home last night in time for dinner and a continuation of detail-sorting, which so often takes the form of document gathering. Tonight I'm hopeful that I'll get to mark several to-do's off my list and still have time to tinker with the T2k before le peleton heads out once more.

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