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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Two posts in one day. Why? Random acts of kindness, that's why. I was checking CNN for the latest rundown on things that run down, and caught this story about first-class flyers giving up their front-of-the-plane wide leather 'First Class' seats to soldiers returning from Iraq. You know, we need more of this stuff. I don't fly first class or business class or even preferred coach class, but if I did or had much pull with people who did, this would be my campaign: let's fill the front of our airplanes with soldiers. Everybody wins, yes? First, these men and women deserve it after spending month upon month pulling sand out of God-knows-where, and second, in these post 9/11 times who is better to fill the 4 rows closest to the cockpit than trained, professional soldiers? Someday soon I hope to see giveasoldieryourseat.com, but in the meantime this is a fine grassroots cause.

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