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Thursday, July 08, 2004
Picked up a few minutes of campaign hooplah from St. Petersburg, FL, on the local news last night. Kerry and Edwards were here stumping, and it was my first real reaction to Mr. Edwards. My take: he seems like a bit too much of a gung-ho! politician for me. He stands to gain too much from this, whereas if Kerry wins or loses his quality of life is pretty secure. Even though it is starting to be considered an antiquated ideal, I'm totally happy with a philosopher king. If success breeds success, then yes let's have some upper class people. Plus, it isn't like a millionaire is so unusual; it was reported a few weeks ago that there are over a million millionaires in the US, so I don't find it that outrageous that a politically successful, middle-aged white man who may be elected to a top position in our government is a 'have' as opposed to a 'have not.' Hmmm politics - better than laundry every time, better than roast beef not-so-much.

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