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Monday, July 19, 2004
Over the past week I've been full of "this time next week" moments, and the weekend was full of them.  It was a continuation in the pattern of predictable weekends, but now the number of them that remains is really down to three.  Three is kind of a low number, but I'm feeling much more excited about going than I am sad about staying.  Talked to Jenelle on Saturday; she is having fun and having plenty of run-ins with celebrities...apparently there was a near-trampling of Julia Stiles.  Fabby.  A genius was in charge at skating last night, with half the evening spent skating in "the wrong direction" so that we could use both edges of both blades.  It's funny how sore you can get just by spending 50 minutes skating counterclockwise if you are perpetually going clockwise for 120 minutes. 

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