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Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Now it's Tuesday and, just like in the movies, I can hear the tick-tock of the clock virtually every second.  Last night, after talking with Jenelle, I busted out to Cold Stone for my "buy 9 get one free" creation: cake batter and sprinkles.  I like frigid rock because you can simulate very non-ice creamy things with ice cream.  Sweeeeeeetness.  At home I made a CD and talked with mom a bit, then a disturbing call about telecommunications.  It seems to me that this whole telecom industry needs to run itself through the wringer a few times and smooth out some of the wrinkles.  For example, how can a person in the USA know that a landline telephone terminal in the UK will be billed as a mobile phone call due to "masking" by the provider over there?  It's ludicrous.  I'm incensed and outraged!  I'm mortified and stupified!

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