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Friday, July 02, 2004
Hmmm pickles. I like pickles. The kind of pickles I like start life as cucumbers and then get soaked in vinegar and spices. There's another kind of pickle, though, that starts life as a little foreign policy booboo and then is soaked in something stronger than vinegar. Everybody was laughing at Saddam Hussein yesterday for calling his arraignment "a theater" put on by GWB and the US government. At the risk of sounding un-American, I really tend to agree with the overthrown dictator on this one. To be honest, over the past 12 months Mr. Hussein has lied, falsified, and mis-represented a lot less material than some other world leaders I can think of, so when he says something it would be hypocritical for me not to consider it. Personally, I think we're in a real jamb here: he says 'the invasion wasn't legit because it was conducted under false pretenses' and, as such, he shouldn't be considered deposed. Well darn it I think he has a point...before the war he said 'hey don't invade because we got nothing you are looking for' and that turned out to be true, so in some ways this whole process is a sham now, which is too bad because we could have waited a bit and proceeded differently and gotten different results.

Twenty-three-point-six-two last night put a bit of a smile on my face. It was another well-paced small-pack trip, which are becoming my very favorite. Now a long weekend at long last and boats in Sarasota at every turn. Hob Nob for lunch with the junior members of the office, and boy does it feel like the Fourth of July.

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