b 4.0
Thursday, July 01, 2004
Funny thing about the weather in Sarasota - it has started to rain every stinking day for hours on end in the afternoon. Except for last night. So tonight, when ride time rolls around, I'm going to really be hoping for good karma and good weather, because not being on the bike for 10 days in a row is bad enough. In other news, there were fire alarms like crazy last night at 413, which does make for an interesting scene...all the tenants out in the parking lot (mostly smoking) and waiting for the fire trucks to arrive. Fire is not something I'm an expert on, but if it were a real fire, most of my belongings would have been a pretty messy charcoal blob by the time SFD made it to the scene I'm sorry to report. So here's hoping that's a road I don't have to go down.

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