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Monday, July 12, 2004
Another weekend down, as I'm seeing them now. Took care of minor details in and around the apartment over the weekend, including the submission of my very formal-sounding "Notice of Intention to Vacate" which means that now I'm going for sure. Saturday was Habitat-time; four walls, four hours, four billion degrees outside. Then in the afternoon I talked at some length with Jenelle, who saw the queen and seems have really enjoyed (and made the most of) her first week in the UK. Sunday was much the same as other Sundays, except that I caught up with the most recently married friend on my speed dial, who sounded good and seems to be enjoying the lifestyle shift very much. In the evening it was off to the Igloo for a very crowded, very youngster-oriented public skating session attended by the Facheris clan and several members of the Island Veterinary soccer team that I helped coach so many months ago.

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