b 4.0
Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Yesterday I was excited about commercial space travel, but today my focus is on the more worldy, and decidedly more useful at the moment, realm of WiFi. Since I now have an 802.11a/b/g device sitting at home on my kitchen table, I am all excited to pack it up in the trusty Dicota bag that I thought was going to be free (via a rebate) but now, due to my "carelessness" and the shoddy placement of the UPC code, I may wind up paying for, and shlep on down to Starbucks, fork over $9.99 and ca-ruuuuuuuuuz the internet wirelessly. Such has been the nature of my day so far.
Last night I set up the PSC 2410 and am very pleased with results there and tried out some of the functionality on my notebook, too, with similar results. It's amazing how far connectivity has come since the purchase of my Quantex PII-MMX desktop almost exactly 6 years ago...now I just pop in a CD here or a USB device there and pop back and forth. Plus, having nine times the processer speed and eight times the memory makes what was then a blazing machine seem downright tame. That being said, I couldn't be more pleased with how well that technology has held up with the near-constant trickle of gadgetry and software upgrades that I've conducted over the years. Apart from it being a desktop and lacking the multi-tasking capability that I need to do serious work it is still totally relevant as a personal computer. Trophy.

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