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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Well I have to tell you my search for football ticket sponsors was a total disaster - not a single nibble. So much for the power of the internet.

In real, non-virtual news: that was an awesome Memorial Day weekend. Despite a minor little weather-induced travel delay that put me wheels down at LAN sometime around 2:35 in the AM, it was a great weekend. Friday's rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and associated joking, laughing, and bridal party familiarization was a really fun time...somewhat unexpected for people who did not, until Friday, actually know each other. Saturday was the ceremony, the reception, and the celebration of a wedding and of a gathering. The jury is still out for me as to which is more important, but both rock and it was good to see Meg & Wyl enjoying their day. It was also good to see Mom & Dad & Robin & Ryan, even if only for a few hours - somehow this might just stand the test of time as the shortest family reunion ever. Sunday morning Mom & Dad and Jenelle & I extended the gathering a little bit with breakfast at Cosi before they headed slowly north, Jenelle crossed Grand River to work, and I headed to Byron to spend the afternoon with Mr. & Mrs. McCully. Then back to East Lansing, to Clara's for dinner, then off to Shrek 2. Monday was a blur of sleeping in and packing and travel; hard to say goodbye, hard to leave the Midwest, hard to come home to a warm and stale apartment. Hmmmm Florida.

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