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Monday, June 14, 2004
A weekend focused on high temperatures took place here. Saturday it was uber-steaming in Sarasota, so after my bike ride and shop-browsing downtown I headed home and did the only sensible thing: took a nap. My ride was a fast one, LBK with a solo average speed of 21.06, which made me happy. Then scouted around for laptop bags and jeans at the outlet stores in Sarasota, with some luck but no purchases. Then to Selby Public to check out "Tender is the Night" in order to be more well versed in F. Scott Fitzgerald's work. Sunday was all about the cleaning, a spring cleaning I suppose, but also about talking to Robin and Karyn and spending all day just listening to music and having a good time of it. Skating was, uh, interesting as JP Igloo's power had been intermittent all day and the cooling resources of both rinks were being pooled under Rink 1, leaving the public skaters on Rink 2 to wallow around in about 1/4" of water atop some very soft ice. "Like the UP in June" I commented to Tim and Rob. After skating and a rainy drive home, I talked to Jenelle and headed for bed. Now we're down to two days and I couldn't be happier about it.

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