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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Topic for today: immunization records. I'm just in total shock over here because last night in the post came a notice from University Health Systems at U-M asking if I could please forward my immunization dates. Say what? When does this end? It's like a really bad deja vu, only it's real and it's recurring to the n-th degree. So, the saga has begun and I'm hopeful that with just a few dozen phone calls and (hopefully) a minimum number of jabs I'll be good to go.

Another hot topic is the deft handling of the Iraqi Sovereignty Exchange, or ISE as I'll call it. Nobody knows who thought up the idea to have ISE a few days early, but almost for certain that person is underpaid and doesn't have a nice enough office. We're talking brilliance here - nobody thought it would happen on time, if at all, and then ka-BLAM the Western world wakes up and it is done. In your eye, insurgents! We can be spontaneous, too. And when we do it our video quality is way better than yours. Must be an empty life, that of the insurgent. I mean really this group of neigh-sayers has done little other than set the people of Iraq back a few years. I disagree with the language, but FDR called it "righteous might" and sometimes it does feel right to me.

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