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Monday, June 28, 2004
So the weekend contained threefold firsts. Friday, my first wireless experience with nx9110. I parked it at Starbucks (I'm a tool) and browsed away and downloaded anti-viral software and did some random setup stuff that requires connectivity. It was blazing fast and the battery life isn't so very abysmal as had been suggested during the shopping process. Then Saturday morning was Habitat house building, or: getting really hot and very dirty for fun. Got a fair amount accomplished before the heat of the day brought a halt to activity at 11:30. But, a slab is ready, a lawn is sod-covered, and another house is ready for inspection. Not bad, but many hands make light work. Sunday I kinda putzed around the house, lazily, before heading up for skating in Ellenton. Had a good couple of hours on really fine ice, which was cool. Afterwards I stuck around to watch Chris and Patrizio from work participate in their C-league game...what a contrast between college and professional and once-a-week amateur hockey. But, good times.

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