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Friday, June 18, 2004
Now that is what I call lunch! Returned to Citrus today for a luncheon tour de force in the form of a tenderloin and boirsin baguette for me and a spectular middle eastern platter for her. We sat and revelled in the goodness of humus and pita for quite some time and it was really hard to walk away and head back to the desk.

Yesterday after work we watched the riders ride, including a car-free close-up of the A group whirring by the LBK beach access just before the half-way point. Then a half-hour walk on the beach (watch for crabs on the sand) and back to Lido Key to capture my long-planned image of a rider and the bridge from across the bay to add to my black and white collection. It was fajitas for dinner at home, looking at wedding pictures from Megan and Wyl's big day, a quick flip through graduation photos from Webb C|02, and a slice of home-made, "surprise! look what I did while you were at work" Key lime pie. Tangy, creamy, graham-crackery; it was (and was again this morning and probably still is even as I sit here) totally fantastic. I mean acceptable - superlatives regarding food prove, once again, to be the death of me. Packages also arrived from Ohio (aforementioned multi-function printer) and Michigan (Discman and aforementioned wedding photos), but somehow the excitement of consumer electronics by mail paled against the colors of a great day.

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