b 4.0
Friday, June 11, 2004
My lack of performance on this spring and summer's rides is actually starting to weigh heavily on my mind. For whatever reason my average average is probably somewhere around 23 - not helped by a 22.59 last night. Last year (and these figures are unburdened by science) I'm thinking that my average average must have been a whole lot closer to 24. I fail to see where I have lost a mile per hour, but ugh is it ever frustrating.

Speaking of frustrating, how much more stifling can a hoops defense be than Detroit's? That is some serious, steady-mobbin', blue collar D, and I have to believe that it is just destroying the Lakers mentally. Personally, I find it a blast to watch and a pleasant mix between the skill of the NBA and the all-around five man hustle that makes the NCAA tourney the best three weeks in sports.

Today I have a beef of a serious, cost-you-money sort. Today you (yes, you!) have contributed, conservatively, USD29 to the Ronald Reagan memorial fund. Now I am all about ceremony, I am all about respecting elders, leaders, and the dead, but closing the federal government for the day is ludicrous. How can this even be legal? How can GWB, from the cozy confines of the Oval, say to all the soldiers living in tents in the sandy, windy, 105-degree desert "neener neener we're getting the day off"? As long as I'm paying them I want government employees on the job, not at home under the pretense of watching the funeral on TV. I'll pay for government and government holidays, but that is all. And that's my two cents.

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