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Friday, June 25, 2004
The last day of the week. Finally. For a number of reasons this has been five days that has stretched into an eternity, but now it's winding down. The project that kept me at work last night instead of venturing out on the Trek for what would have been a very wet and rainy ride is pretty much done, the weekend's activities are lined up, and tonight I'm going to (gasp) Starbuck's to try out the wireless internet. WiFi! The saga of purchasing a computer rolls on - last night it was time to assemble, package, and mail my rebate form, and I have to tell you they could not make more of a chore out of that. Cut this off that box, figure out which 13-digit alphanumeric string is the serial number, copy that down, jump up and down on one leg, carefully peel the shipping label off from over the UPC label on this box, cut off the label, sing the "I'm Sorry" song from Calvin and Hobbes, dutifully fill in this form, tick that checkbox but not this one, and that's what it's all about. But at the end they do send money, so I'll be quiet now.

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