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Thursday, June 03, 2004
I would have to say that one of the highlights of yesterday evening was a program on PBS about the 507th Paratrooper Infantry Regiment and their exploits on D-Day. One of the main points of discussion was the ability of a small portion of the regiment to gather after a terribly imprecise airdrop scattered their numbers, regroup and take the causeway at La Fiere. In thinking of the massive amount of materiel piling up behind them, especially on the beaches other than Omaha, it was vital that the bridges out of Normandy be taken intact and in a hurry lest the Germans advance to create a stalemate and push the Allies back into the sea.

Today is yet another return to the bike after yet another 10-day hiatus. At some point I'm going to get into the swing of riding like I did last summer, but it's a trade-off I am more than happy to make. This morning I got cool proof of my impending return to school: the arrival of my invitation to U-M Wolverine Access. So (drums please!) you can now hit me with the electronic mail at clbruno@umich.edu.

One of the real niceties of having a camera and going places to use it is that when you get back there are pictures to see. Below is an actual unretouched photo of the 4+2 Bruno family members, smiling together in unison with nobody blinking - if only for 1/48th of a second.

family at Meg & Wyl's wedding

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