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Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Even though you'd think Publix would always have fresh basil in pretty good shape, they rarely do. So when I found a rack of near-perfect green leaves I snapped them up; last night I headed home to make pesto in lieu of my ride (rained out) and boy do fresh ingredients ever matter. With bowtie pasta, some garlic, some parmesan, some walnuts, and a splash of sea salt I created a batch of pesto that was the decided focus of the evening. Plus - leftovers for tonight.

Part of my budding new hobby as a WWII/Normandy Invasion buff includes scouring the video section at Sarasota's Selby Public Library for material related to Round Up and Overlord. I found a real duesey of a collection in "The Century of Warfare" on DVD. Last night I watched about 90 minutes on World War II, including a good section on the attack on Fortress Europe. The difference here is that the collected video focuses on both persectives evenly; the director is careful to show D-Day for what it was, not over-emphasize the casualties that, in comparison to the German and Russian losses on the Eastern front, were minimal, and show how quickly Germany actually did move to slow the assault. There was also a lot of commentary devoted to the struggles of armies commanded by politicians who refused to delegate authority (see "Germany" and "Russia") as compared to the nations whose leaders let the generals run the show (see "Great Britain" and "United States of America").

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