b 4.0
Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Windy as I've seen in Sarasota last night, with foam streaking from north to south down Sarasota Bay and riders streaking north to south down Longboat Key. Carried 23.76 over the flying island, but really felt like the return trip was equipment limited - the 2000 is really not that much fun to push above 28 or 29 for more than a few tenths of a mile. Plus, those members of the group with souped-up, minimum spoke wheels seemed to have a real edge in terms of wind gust resistance. Today is Onion day, laundry day, packing day, and cinco de Mayo, but tomorrow is what I am focused on today.

"I don't know much about cinco de mayo,
I'm never sure what it's all about."
~Cake's Mexico

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