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Monday, May 17, 2004
Trippy new header today, but seeing it for the first time on my high-res 19" monitor at work makes the text appear too big...maybe about 6 points less on the font size would be better. Penny for thoughts...

Good start to the weekend when, after shipping a proposal to Viking at 3:30 or so, Michael cut checks and sent the YD collective home early. I skipped home and then headed to Cingular to upgrade and be ready for more calls and expandable plans and GAIT access so that I can go anywhere (read: the U.P.) and not lose service. Then off to the Samsonite store, which has permanently closed, to browse for messenger bags for the notebook I don't have yet, then to SRQ to pick up free plane tickets that are no longer free because even a ghost-town of an airport charges for short-term parking. Home with a movie and some ice for an ultra-sore knee, talked with Jenelle and that was a wrap on a busy week. Saturday was apartment fun-time in the AM, then blood donation, some catching up via telephone, the Flyers-Lightning game, szechuan noodles for lunch, the creation of a marinade for a roast, and bed. Sunday was A/V duty, roast-cooking, and ice skating. There was a real honest-to-goodness speed skater there, and I followed him a little bit...or as long as I could keep up without pain in my legs from skating and pain in my eyes from the cold wind at those speeds. Then home to eat the roast and bask in that culinary triumph.

Exciting news, too, on the wedding front. I noted earlier that everyone and their dog is getting married or engaged, and we can add a check to the former column with a proposal to the north. Another proposal of sorts that involves me came later, so now I am off to scour the internet for a definitive list of 'best man responsibilities.' Plus it's never too early to start working on a roast of a different sort. WheeeeeeHAW! Speeches are fun.

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