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Thursday, May 20, 2004
The significance of yesterday is marked by a purchase; not of groceries or other sundries but of airplane tickets for a long trip in July. Zero hour is July 22nd, when I head to London for an extra-long weekend with Jenelle. With that in the back of my mind I tuned in to an ultra-interesting program on PBS about the creation, construction and implementation of the machines that made the D-Day invasion of France possible. One of my hopes for this summer's trip is to take a day trip north to Cambridge to see the sights of that famous city but also to visit the American Armed Services Cemetery there.

Other relevant info is pretty limited. I did more laundry and headed to the library last evening and managed what used to be a normal bedtime, but that is strangely about it. Since Tuesday night's trim in advance of Megan & Wyl's wedding took precedence over a cycling outing, this afternoon will be my first outing in a week, which is depressing. Somehow the gulf between 35 miles a week and 70 miles a week is really quite enormous in terms of all-around fitness levels. That being said, the scale at Publix shows that riding season is my friend...10 pounds worth of resistance-causing evil has evaporated into the air above Gulf of Mexico Drive since the DST switch.

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