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Tuesday, May 25, 2004
One of the things that I am going to miss about Sarasota, come September, is the opportunity to snap stellar pictures (like the new header that splashes today) of $500k automobiles riding around for no apparent reason on Saturday afternoon. Nothing says 'retirement money' quite like a white-haired old man driving a Lamborghini Murcielago, especially when it is flaming yellow.

Last night I created what has to be a record for biggest stir-fry ever made in 511, cracked a very nice reisling that has been on the bottom shelf for some time, and enjoyed quite a nice meal. I really like the sweet wine with the fire of stir-fry and the zip of chili sauce, so it's lucky for me that my menu is fixed for the rest of the week. "A Beautiful Mind" was on TV, too, and I watched a chunk of that and it made me hungry to see the rest....someday perhaps.

This morning has been all about angst regarding season football tickets at the Big House and how I am going to round up a second seat so that I can attend with friends and actually have a prayer of sitting together. It seems a violation of my civil rights that student seating isn't first-come, first-served. If SouthWest Airlines can do it, why can't Michigan Stadium?

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