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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Not a ton to show for last night: a load of whites, talking with my leasing agent regarding moving out, some dinner, a badly failed attempt to buy a couple of graduation cards, a nice conversation with Jenelle, and bed. It's funny how a whole lot of not very much can fill an evening, but there it is. This is proof positive to me that despite what some of the guides to "good web design" say, a headline isn't always that great a plan. I mean, what would today's headline be? This blog would read like an issue of The Onion: "Nothing Done," "Evening Had," or "Local Man Exists" would be three overly-used headlines, simply because if a body wants their blog to truly be a web log of events, sometimes you have to face facts that not every day is headline-worthy. OK. I'm out.

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