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Monday, May 24, 2004
May the 24th. Six year ago this day I marched across the stage at the front of RRHS' venerable gymnasium and graduted from high school. Crazy.

Good weekend, all told. I spent three hours detailing the exterior of the GMC on Friday...it looked awesome but it's amazing how quickly the shimmer of the wax fades into the Florida sun. Saturday I slept in, hit the library to scope out the situation with my season football tickets, checked out a couple of books, and headed off for grocery shopping for me and birthday shopping for Robin. Then it was home for the evening, reading, talking with family, etc. Sunday held A/V duty, reading, some cooking of enchiladas that will be in the freezer for my return from Memorial Day, and skating at the Igloo with the Ganners. Kaitlyn took a lap holding my hand, concluded that it was "very different from walking on conrete" and called it a night. Bill, however, did extremely well in his first outing on skates, and it was fun to share the experience of ice and cold with a four-year-old.

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