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Monday, May 10, 2004
It's craziness! Blogger.com is looking fresh and sporty today - even if I'm feeling just the opposite. It was a great (albeit just slightly exhausting) weekend in and around MSU's commencement activities. Friday morning I helped Robin and Ryan move some heavy stuff, and it was nice to see them and be able to lend a hand even if only for a few hours. In the afternoon was the ceremony; two hours of dull and 90 seconds of excitement and pride and a reason to have good posture...graduation is quite the conundrum, but an important life event all the same. Afterwards there was more heavy-stuff-hauling before heading to Brighton for a family gathering in the honor of the graduate. Saturday was moving day for both of the now-former occupants of 134 Durand #3, so Justin and I acted as beasts of burden (although he out-beasts me by about 50 pounds these days) and we got everyone's stuff moved to its new home. That evening, we headed to Meridian Mall for a little shopping action, then to bd's mongolian BBQ for a little face-stuffing action, and wrapped everything up with just a skosh more heavy lifting and some farewell between Nancy and Jenelle. Sunday turned into an unexpectedly long day together after I discovered that my flight through DTW had a 3 hour layover...changes were made, leaving time for a trip to the Dairy Store and campus gardens, some gift-setting-up at home, and time for relaxing and not lifting instead of running around hoisting things. Then to the airport for what I can only describe as a typical "NWA through DTW" flight home that put me on the ground in Florida 80 minutes behind schedule.

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