b 4.0
Thursday, May 13, 2004
Is it possible that in one luckily-timed phone call to one friendly leasing manager and with the assistance of one awesomely helpful girlfriend that I could have one Grade-A one bedroom apartment one day from now? Apparently so. Mr. Koch at Huron Towers was really helpful and gave me a bit of a break in a couple of different ways; Jenelle is going to look at #409B on Saturday morning and hopefully by mid-day on Saturday my housing search will be over. This would be great - it isn't quite the utopian apartment within a house that I started off dreaming about, but let me tell you the value of renting in utopia is NOT good and utopia doesn't include heat, water, parking, and a corner view over the Arb and North Campus. Or a balcony. So hah! In your eye, utopia and run-down houses that cost more than is reasonable.

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