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Monday, May 03, 2004
Here's the thing with sports of all sorts: when they're great they're really great, when they're not they're really not. Went cycling Saturday morning and had quite the time of it, struggling against the wind in both directions and against the sun at every moment, but still managed a 20+ average and didn't get burned. Then, as is so often the case, the early afternoon turned into Sarasota errand fun time, with stops at Men's Wearhouse to get a button reattached, Barnes & Noble, and Taco Bell. The TB stop was an homage to days gone by, as I picked up some nachos and headed home to watch the Wings go down in disgrace for what may well be the last hockey game I see this year. Jenelle called in the evening and that was pretty much the day. Sunday was busy with A/V duty, some knee-icing, and skating. I've been reading "A Faster Way to Skate" at work the past few days and I think that the tips really paid off as I was quicker and more precise in and out of turns and seemed to have a touch more jump on the straightaways. Now it's Monday, though, and rain is pouring down and I'm painfully aware that it's still three more whole days before I get to leave.

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