b 4.0
Monday, April 05, 2004
This was a weekend about fitness and charity and wishing it were next weekend. Friday took its sweet time moving along, but in the final analysis the $7100 (plus a 100% matching gift) raised for Habitat makes a long evening worthwhile. Saturday was a late start, but a strong bike ride in the heat and wind of the day none-the-less. Wished for a pace line and still got up to 19.3 average, so now I'm feeling ready to roll with crowds this week. The rest of the day was apartment hunting, a tiny bit of clothes hunting, and some basketball watching. Sunday was AV duty, chores around home, then skating at JP Igloo where I felt pretty comfortable despite a bone-crunching wreck. I don't remember ever hitting boards before, and it isn't an experience I'll forget. Then home for dinner and to catch up with my girl, where I feel pretty comfortable and pretty eager for next weekend.

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