b 4.0
Thursday, April 29, 2004
The other night I saw a commercial for Yahoo's new 'engine' platform and was surprised to hear the word "yacht" about a dozen times. No screwball phone calls yet, but I'm just waiting. And what of the engin politik? Can Yahoo afford to take a corporate stand on anything so touchy, and how can they promote without endorsing? Seems like very troubled waters to me. Correspondence galore last night to graduates, businesses, and the like filled much of my evening. Took in the West Wing, which heralded things to come and perhaps mirrored history before the original image exists. I've also tracked down a free online guide to better ice skating called "A Faster Way to Skate," so in the lean minutes of my lunch hour there has been self-improvement on that front. Last night was also significant in that I announced my intention to resign my position at MPYD effective in late August, thus completing the stacking and toppling of the dominos whose presence here has been thick for the past eight months. Finally, despite all that is going on it's good to be reminded to be thankful for the basics: health comes to mind on the one-week anniversary of Anthony breaking his ankle. No matter how good (or bad I imagine) you've got it, you've always got it great if you can walk and run.

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