b 4.0
Friday, April 09, 2004
"It's Friday."
"What did he mean by that?"
"I'd say come Monday there'll be hell to pay."
Good day here, all told, with lunch on the boss and plenty to keep mind, body, and spirit distracted. Just 90 long minutes now separate me from departing to Tampa, a 70 mile drive often littered with accidents and crazy motorists. The drive, no matter how placid, always reminds me of a fall Friday when a football game was on the line...weeee! Vacations are fun. Riding is fun too, but it is too group-dependent, as evidenced by my 23.2 average last night. With a 16-mph cross wind the whole time it just seemed like C group never really got settled, which wore me down to the point that I joined the lowly ranks of D group, which never did seem to get uncorked. It was frustrating but still fun.

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