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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Into the swing of cycling again with a 2004 inaugural average of 23.3, right where I was shooting. In point of fact in felt pretty good, which is remarkable given that on the wind-assisted southern leg I felt like I was really working, only to discover upon my return to the Mira Mar parking garage that my rear tire was all but on the rim. Hoowah. Twenty three plus on a nearly flat tire....who's the man now, Ricky?
Caught up with parents last night (and was briefly interrupted by Ben Folds via mobile phone) and got the rundown on the events there. Then after the concert Jenelle called and I got the rundown on what sounds like was an awesome show. Today I got email updates from friends to the north and east; always great to hear what others are up to. Crazy bordering-on-bizarre news from a former life, though, reminding us of where we are in the world, where we want to go in the world, and that timing means the world. Also makes me (for reasons unknown and unquantifiable) miss my other current life in the biggest way. But, just a few more days to kill - tonight there's no West Wing, so it looks like some packing, a heap of cleaning, and probably a relatively early bedtime, then it'll be Thursday and then Friday. Bliss.

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