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Friday, April 23, 2004
Good night last night, but I'll come to that. Day at work cruised by with designing something for the Victory Team/UIM guys that makes their lives safer - the test dunker for the circuit racers. Then a well-calibrated, well-led group B ride up and down LBK. It was interesting because two of the best riders really steered the group in terms of pace and decorum - a pleasant change to say the least - and that corresponded to a good average and an easy, fun, safe ride. I clocked a total of 23.7, but for the first time I carefully monitored my average speed through the turn at the top of the island and watched as 0.4 mph fizzled away just in the 180-degree loop and subsequent 1/2 mile acceleration. So, I'll keep posting my averages as my VDO 10+ cyclocomputer tells them...but consider this the asterisk. At home, I cranked out some dinner, ate, then headed to the fitness room to watch some of the first game of Round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Jenelle called later and we talked into the wee hours and even at some length about this very forum. Turns out that, per usual, we agree up and down on the issues surrounding weblogging: writing is good, a journal of thoughts and events is good, and the spread of communication outside the standard channels is good. No common ground was reached on the issue surrounding her identification here, although we agreed that a symbol might be fun and that a number would be apropos (although choosing 24601 would be not so much). In the meantime, she's Jenelle and I'm just glad to be able to bring these things up and not sweat it.

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