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Monday, April 12, 2004
Felt like the kick-off of a new era this weekend. Saturday started with a visit to Jenelle's freshly-painted apartment, continued with a daytrip to Ann Arbor - walking around the town looking for apartments and enjoying the company - before dinner with Robin & Ryan at Robin's place, then too much ice cream at the parlour, meeting roommates' parents, and talking shop about what can be broadly termed as "the future." Sunday morning was Easter meal time at Jacqueline's with Robin, Ryan, Jenelle, and Jacqueline in attendance. After the meal there was a canoe outing on the Grand River, complete with candy (courtesy Robin & her pre-sorted zip-locs), cold hands and plenty of reminiscing. Then off to LAN to take departures...slept pretty much all the way to TPA, put on "The Dance" and drove home.

"The river goes on and on
but the sea that divides us
is a temporary one, and
the bridge will bring us back together."
~Fleetwood Mac

© 2007 Corey Bruno