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Monday, April 19, 2004
A delightful mix of activities this weekend: from productive errand-running (including the acquisition of new Specialized Armadillos for my trusty 2000) to hockey watching to dinner with friends to apartment researching to bike-riding to ice skating to family talking to girlfriend missing, there was a satisfying amount of stuff going on. Kinda sad news from Ann Arbor regarding my dream of an apartment in a house, but promising news on other fronts that could be really good too. The Wings advanced, which is a relief, but I find that I'm really looking forward to fall for football season. Skating was good and continues to get better...I'm getting pretty smooth on the Super Tachs but still skating hard enough for a blowout approximately once per session. As with skiing, if you don't biff you haven't dug deep enough - "No Guts, No Glory: Most Difficult."

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