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Monday, March 29, 2004
Somehow there was excitement in what was, in truth, a not-overly-exciting weekend. Friday was laid back, with college hoops and the repairing of a Fed Ex fiasco at work during the day. Then Saturday I got up late, not feeling too hot, but still managed a decent swim and then a trip to the library, a meander through the art fair (including several minutes staring in wonderment at a great photo of the Fountain de Medicis in Le Jardin du Luxembourg), then home to watch the Wings, off to Sam's Club to get a tire patched, home to hear from Jenelle, and relatively early to bed. Sunday morning I got up and on the bike for a change, did 25 miles at 20.1 mph, which was nice. There were several mile plus bursts at 23 or 24 where I really started to have memories of being in actual shape. In the evening I made what has become my ritual trek to JP Igloo for public skating, although my skating got sidetracked a bit by the Michigan game on the big screen in the bar. So, even though they lost, it was nice to see the maize and blue - strange to think that the next time they take the ice I'll be there to watch.

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