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Thursday, March 04, 2004
So last night I washed and waxed the whole Jimmy, including the roof, for the first time since the arrival of the new Michelins before Christmas and it is looking good. After that I had some dinner, watched "That '70s Show" and cleaned like a whirling dervish. I also took a few moments to read through the collected bits of wisdom assembled by the five Irish siblings on the occasion of Grandma's 75th birthday, then was treated this morning to a slideshow of pictures from the event courtesy Adelbert and Mike. I also decided last night that it is time for a new rubbish system in the great room at 511, and, although at the moment I'm not sure what that might be, I'm guessing that that will lead to a trip to Target in the near future. Tonight isn't looking good though, as I am assuming that FUMC antique sale cleanup duties will last past the witching hour and tomorrow evening's First Friday doings will keep me busy - plus I might just be too excited to function by the time work winds down at 1730.

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