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Thursday, March 25, 2004
A laugh out loud "West Wing" last night welcomed that political beauty back from hiatus. Something about Aaron Sorkin's writing makes me want to get back to Boys' State and take Taylor City to the top. Then this morning I came to work and discovered that 'W' had been poking fun at himself and his inability to find weapons of mass destruction last night at the annual press corp dinner. Yeah laugh it up moron, people are dying because you had a bee up your skirt about Saddam, har har har. This stuff makes me very irritated because it is not logical. Seriously, as leader of the free world a person ought to be able to at least have the tiniest ounce of respect for the lives and limbs that have been sacrificed on this (to quote another awesome movie) "damn fool idealistic crusade." I saw a bumper-sticker the other day with a very patriotic motif and the message "Regime Change '04." Yes sir, I'm with you. This President is cutting into our...high life.

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