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Monday, March 08, 2004
It took until just a few strokes before midnight, but NWA did get Jenelle to Florida and got my weekend underway while it was still Friday. The weekend was blissfully short-suited when it comes to the events list: beach lounding, looong beach walk from Lido to New Pass and back, gelato, nap on the sheepskin, "School of Rock," and that was Saturday. Not much better Sunday, with an exciting 11-inning baseball game, some grocery shopping, a little cooking, then "Whale Rider" and a relatively early bedtime for yours truly in light of this mornings 8:30 appointment at MPYD. We both remarked that it was remarkably un-remarkable to spend that much time together, consecutively, and not a) have another thought in mind, b) get tired of it, or c) stop wanting more time together. Can't wait for the whistle this afternoon, that much I know to be true.

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