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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
It took some ice cream, some time, and a nice conversation with Jenelle to get past the setback of yesterday, but now I think I'm ready to go again. On with life: today's goal is to get some excersize. Although the weather isn't the least bit conducive to riding or swimming, I'm guessing that I'll choose one of those and run with it. Wish me luck. Now on to some semi-political ramblings....if al Quaida was able to sway the elections to the left in Spain, leading the Spanish to choose an anti-intervention leader, what makes them doubt they can do the same here? I think for the sake of all of us both of our campaigning leaders need to get on a unified front about this. I'm not really in favor of trucking all over creation looking for a couple of spooks who very well may not even exist, so why not call off the dogs now and come on home? Iraq is a tougher call, but I think Kerry and Bush need to get together, admit that we need to scale back, stand together, and announce as much. That's not giving in to terrorism, that's giving in to the popular view at home that we actually do have bigger fish to fry.

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