b 4.0
Friday, March 05, 2004
Got the official notice of when there is going to be official notive from MBS: zero hour is established as 12:01 AM, Friday next. Meanwhile, excitement brews over tonight's arrival even as delays push it back - NorthWorst is prolonging my agony without even getting me on an airplane. To fill the time I've got work, First Friday, and the 85 minute drive to TPA, but that just isn't going to really balance the hands of time. It should be a grand weekend though: possibility of Figure 8 bus races Saturday, beach almost for sure, spring league Reds game on Sunday, lounging, doing the Sarasota thing, doing the couple thing. I'm stoked....

"You can skip on down the road, laff (loud) wit yer friends, hold th han f a pretty grl"
Dufus, from 1:3:1 - "Jahflooey."

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