b 4.0
Monday, March 22, 2004
Back to the routine this weekend after a 6-week hiatus from the norm. As I feared, it was hard to be here by myself knowing that the situation could be different. Started Saturday with a somewhat amorphous 34 miles on LBK - interrupted by a stop in the village for a new battery for my cyclocomputer. (Such a word.) It was ultra-windy on the southbound leg but my average was a decent 18.3 over the flying island. Then a trip to the asian market, the library, and Publix before retiring for the evening. Enjoyed a personal best long phone call with my girl, which was awesome, and called it a day. Sunday was AV duty, taxes, finances, some phone-related nonsense, then off to ice skating. Home with a blister and sore legs but a smile on my face, a quick call to Jenelle, a smidgen of "Pieces of the Frame" and then to bed.

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