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Thursday, February 26, 2004
Tuning in now from the electric daisy in not-so-bustling-at-midday Whistler Village. Today is the day off afforded by our 5 of 6 day passes and we are eating up the relaxation available. Tough day yesterday with Patrick leading us all over Whistler Mountain like dogs on a leash - but big time air and the toughest terrain I've skiied made it a great day. Around a half dozen fresh inches cushioned the landings and a Snickers kept the legs going into the afternoon through three awesome runs down Harmony Bowl. It's been a mildly more grown-up trip, too, with evenings out 'apres ski' as they say...mostly at the Dub Linh Gate pub. Now I'm back to Woodrun for a busy afternoon of laundry, hot tub, and a call to the Midwest to confirm that I am still alive. It's strange how much a day off offers.

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