b 4.0
Friday, February 20, 2004
So on the last day before departing for Whistler and Seattle and potentially Vancouver, I find my self a) wishing it were 5:30 and b) wishing it were 5:30 two weeks from now. Talked with Jenelle for a bunch of my allotted minutes last night, confirming what I had long suspected: I'm the luckiest guy ever. In the earlier evening hours I frantically assembled the FAFSA in preparation for next year's capital outlay, which came as a suprise since I was under the impression that the Federal deadline would work for all of the federation, but apparently Michigan supersedes the Fed and requires a THREE month earlier deadline. So, as an added bonus, my income taxes are done, ready to be filed, and I can start lining up places to "invest" my return. My guess is that this year a minimum of stereo equipment will find its way to me courtesy Uncle Sam, but I sure like this arrangement better.

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